Someone Donated $24,000 Worth of Marijuana to Goodwill

When you have no money, you can always share your weed. A small cooler that someone left at a Goodwill store in Monroe, Washington, contained a very unexpected donation―five large plastic bags fully stashed with marijuana. The cooler contained almost four pounds of cannabis. The Goodwill employees discovered the cooler with marijuana when they were sorting through donations. Not knowing what to do with this unusual donation, the store workers called the police.

According to the Monroe Police Department, the estimated street value of marijuana donated to Goodwill is about $24,000.

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This cooler was donated over the weekend to the Goodwill. Employees surprised when they opened the lid. Police were called…2,28911:58 PM – Mar 14, 20171,058 people are talking about thisTwitter Ads info and privacy

However, the cost of this donation may be a bit overrated, considering that weed in that cooler did not look like a high-quality product.
Both the police and the Goodwill workers are trying to find out who dropped off the cooler filled with weed. They were reviewing surveillance footage to see if it is possible to identify the person who donated marijuana. Plus, they still do not know whether the cooler was left at the store in Monroe or at a Goodwill trailer that brought donations from another town.

It is unclear what will happen to the person once and if the police find them. Marijuana is fully legalized in Washington, although the amount of weed you can legally possess is limited by one ounce

Oregon: Early recreational marijuana sales and marijuana sales tax bills advance

A number of marijuana related bills went forward in Oregon Legislature on ‘Marijuana Legalization Eve’. House Bill of Oregon 2041 moved on a 24-4 vote and would set up a new marijuana fee that grows up to 20% (17% state fee, 3% local fee). Oregon is one of those states that do not have an ordinary statewide sales fee. Usual thing that the phrase ‘sales fee’ is not mentioned in Oregon because it is unwanted in political meaning, but obviously not when speaking about marijuana, according to the actions of Oregon politicians.

Oregon Senate Bill 460 went through in the Oregon Senate on a 23-6 vote. The aim of this bill is to allow marijuana sales in Oregon through marijuana health centers. This bill would give an opportunity to adults over 21 to buy marijuana in flower form up to 7 grams, including clones and seeds. Eatable, concentrate, and any other forms of marijuana would not be authorized for marijuana sales.

Oregon House Bill 3400 passed on a 24-4 vote and it’s a large lesion for the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. This bill significantly regresses the limits of the Oregon medical marijuana program, such as, referring to Oregon Live:

– Shortening the amount of medical marijuana growers. Growers are not allowed to have more than 96 plants — or 24 when they are located in an urban neighborhood — and a new coming growers will be allowed to grow half of those quantity.

– Marijuana businesses can be suspended on a voting of a county commission or city council in the 15 Oregon counties where part of voters opposed Measure 91 is minimum 55 percent. Rest part of the state voters are obliged to confirm any try to ban such business. Any part of the state that disallows any type of marijuana business has no right to apply a local fee.

– Marijuana products go through verifying procedures with the aim to avoid mold mildew and other contaminants — like a high concentration of pesticides that was found during the investigatio, n under the supervision of The Oregonian/OregonLive.

– Edible marijuana products cannot be produced in a package that is attractive for children.

– Individuals owning or working in the marijuana business are obliged to be a resident of the state for at least for two years. Investors may come from another country.

– Recreational growers will meet stringent “seed to sale” tracking conditions. Individuals who grow medical marijuana are required to do regular reports of their sales and stocktaking balances.

If you think that some of those statements in medical marijuana program are just stupid, you are not alone. They are directed to harm lots of patients, and in what way do they have to get a medicine? Go to the black market or go without medical marijuana at all. Many politicians suggesting to go to the dispensary, but not all of the patients have enough money to go there. That is the main reason why they ask a friend or one of the family members to grow marijuana for them for much less price. The only thing that separates this bill from becoming law is the signature of the Governor which is I think is guaranteed. Unfortunately from all of the Oregon Representatives and Senators, just five of them demonstrated their desire to oppose such innovations to the Oregon Medical marijuana program.

8 Reasons Why Cannabis Is Made for Women

8 Reasons Why Cannabis Is Made for Women

It is already 2017, and thousands of people can now use cannabis legally. What was strictly prohibited in the past is now allowed, and more women are starting to use weed both for medical and recreational purposes. Many of them have also found out that it can be not just a hobby but more of a long-lost companion. Cannabis fits most women perfectly and offers plenty of benefits only ladies can appreciate.

1. Weed Can Help You Lose Weight

Although many people have munchies after consuming weed, the results of profound studiesshow that the obesity levels among cannabis users are usually much lower compared to non-users. Marijuana can also help you maintain your weight, stimulate metabolism, and reduce fat reserves.

2. Pot Relieves Symptoms of Stress and Depression

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, females deal with generalized anxiety disorder twice more often than males. Social pressures, hormonal changes, pregnancy, and breastfeeding often lead to changes in behavior and high levels of stress. However, women can easily benefit from cannabis consumption since it is able to influence our endocannabinoid system, which is responsible for anxiety regulation.

3. Marijuana Can Alleviate PMS Symptoms

Yes, you have finally found an effective way to eliminate your PMS symptoms! Experiencing headaches, migraines, period cramps, irritability, and chills? Cannabis is here to stabilize your hormone system, while most medications work with symptoms only.

4. Weed Can Improve Your Sex Life

Cannabis can easily heighten physical sensations and enhance your creativity in the sheets. You can even experience better orgasms because of increased blood flow. You will also have no worries about being with a new partner—cannabis will reduce your anxiety and make you more confident.

5. Cannabis Against Cancer

Marijuana is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. When it comes to breast cancer, weed has proven to inhibit tumor growth and kill cancer cells. Cannabis can also help patients cope with after-chemotherapy side effects.

6. Pot Is Helpful During Menopause

Marijuana is beneficial for ladies of all ages. Menopause often causes hot flashes, mood swings, night sweats, and even depression. In this case, the herb can naturally increase serotonin levels and improve your overall health.

7. Marijuana Can Make You Sleep Better

Women are more likely to suffer from insomnia since they usually have frequent hormonal changes and heightened bodily responses to stress. Cannabis is an effective and organic treatment that has fewer side effects when compared to most common sleeping pills.

8. Weed Can Make You Happier

Tired of long working days, family issues, and other small problems? Just stop for a moment, smoke a joint, relax, and enjoy your life!

People With High IQ Scores Smoke More Weed

People With High IQ Scores Smoke More Weed

New research conducted by the British Medical Journal showed that people with higher levels of IQ in childhood were more likely to use weed by the age of 30. Scientists tested the IQs of about 8,000 individuals, four times each, between the ages of 5 and 30 and came to the conclusion that the higher the IQ level was, the more likely the participant would consume cannabis in the future.

The British Cohort Study was performed to investigate drug use and its connection to educational and socioeconomic factors. The study showed that IQ was tightly linked to weed use, even more than such factors as family income levels, social position or mental disorders.

The participants underwent an IQ test at the ages 5, 10, 16, and 30. The results showed that women with high IQ levels were twice as likely to use marijuana as those with low scores. Men with high marks were also 50 percent more likely to use weed by the age of 30.

Although numerous studies have suggested that a person’s high IQ scores in childhood and/or adolescence usually lead to a healthy lifestyle in their adult years, other investigations have discovered the relationship between higher childhood IQ scores and alcohol intake in adulthood.

Researchers are still not sure why high IQ levels are linked with weed use, but the authors suppose that intelligent people are just more open to new experiences. They also believe that people with high IQ scores may be more prone to anxiety disorders, which can push them to relieve the condition using cannabis in adulthood. Marijuana use may also be extremely popular among people of high intelligence because the plant is actually not harmful; however, it can easily enhance some mental processes.

James White, the author of the study, was stunned by its results.

The researchers started with the premise that people with lower IQs would be more prone to drug use as it could help them cope with socioeconomic struggles. However, after the study concluded, White stated that it dispelled the theory that the only reason individuals take illegal drugs is to medicate themselves.

Perhaps, higher intelligence is linked with the need to search for new ways to solve problems. If so, let us all agree that the world could use a little bit of cannabis.

8 Signs You Need to Search for Another Dispensary

8 Signs You Need to Search for Another Dispensary

There might be plenty of marijuana shops in your state; however, not all of them are professional enough to offer quality products. Below are eight signs that will help you identify a low-quality dispensary.

1. Odd Budtenders

Walking into a marijuana shop should not make you feel like you are going to a club or café. In case your budtender is asking about your dinner plans or phone number, you are definitely visiting an unprofessional establishment.

2. Corner Store Feel

All dispensaries sell pot and cannabis-infused products. However, they must follow strict rules on advertising and selling. They are always clean and offer the highest service possible.  If you walk into some place and feel sketched out, just leave.

3. A “Too Perfect” Deal

Going to buy an ounce for $30? A quality ounce isn’t going to cost so.  Probably, you are being offered a badly trimmed or poorly cured plant. Just go to another dispensary and get a quality product from a respected supplier.

4. Homespun Waiting Room

Professional dispensaries usually have a waiting room looking like a doctor’s office. If you open the door and feel like you are visiting someone’s party, it is not the best shop to buy from.

5. Spending Limits

Some weed shops set spending limits on strains, pretending that they are giving you great deals. However, this is just a poor marketing trick. If a strain is really good, there won’t be any spending limit.

6. Bad Pre-rolls

A pre-roll needs to smell delicious and be rolled accurately. In case a dispensary can’t even prepare a pre-roll properly, how can they guarantee that their weed is any good?

7. Outdated Menus

Professional cannabis stores always have a well-organized and convenient menu. However, if you’ve come to buy a certain strain offered in the dispensary’s web-site and suddenly see something completely different on their menu, you should probably find another store.

8. It’s Too Quiet

Dispensaries are not only selling points to purchase strains. They are places of inspiration, knowledge exchange, and communication of true cannabis lovers. If you visited a too quiet shop with a strange and awkward environment, just leave.

7 Tips for Hiding the Smell of Pot

7 Tips for Hiding the Smell of Pot

The smell of cannabis is recognizable by most people. Although you might like its relaxing and comforting odor, there are some situations when the aroma of weed is undesirable. Below are seven tips that will help you mask the smell of pot.

  1. Wash Hands

The simplest way to get rid of the smell of cannabis is to wash your hands or use a hand sanitizer after you have smoked a joint.

  1. Keep Your Hair Pulled Back

Keeping your long hair pulled back will reduce the area accessible for smoke. Thus, your hair will not become smelly after a couple of blunts.

  1. Brush Teeth

Fresh breath is one of the important components of effective communication. It is a good idea to clean your teeth, tongue, and the roof of your mouth for a maximum refreshing effect.

  1. Spray the Smell Away

Find a scent that is stronger than pot. However, do not totally douse yourself with it as that might also be suspicious.

  1. Take a Shower

Taking a shower will give you two great benefits. First of all, it will make you a little bit less high so that you will be able to control yourself better. Second, it will wash all the smells from your body, which means you will not have to mask anything.

  1. Wear Fresh Clothes

Put on laundered, clean clothes, and the weed smell will be significantly reduced.

  1. Go Outside

Going for a walk is another great way to get rid of the undesirable smell quickly and with minimum effort.

Californian Dispensary Opens Cannabis Club for Kids

Californian Dispensary Opens Cannabis Club for Kids

Cannabis oil is considered to be one of the most effective means of treatment for different medical conditions of both children and adults. Thousands of parents around the world use cannabis oil as a natural cure for autism, children’s leukemia, ADHD, epilepsy, and some other disorders. Unlike numerous prescribed drugs, the oil is extremely effective and affordable for most parents. That is why the Jayden’s Journey dispensary located in Modesto, CA, has recently opened a new cannabis club to help children with such conditions.

Widely applied in pediatrics, cannabis oil is usually extracted from hemp. Since hemp does not contain THC, the major psychoactive compound of marijuana, the oil cannot influence the kids’ minds. Moreover, chronic conditions are treated with relatively small doses of cannabis oil that often cause positive and miraculous results.  

Zoe Ridenour, one of the members of the cannabis club, is taking cannabis oil for her ADHD. Although the girl is only 8 years old, she had been suffering from the feelings of depression and some other debilitating symptoms prior to prescription. Zoe has been taking a few drops of cannabis oil a day for a year and a half. Currently, she has gained weight, is able to sleep well,  and can even be seen smiling.

Jason David, the founder of the Jayden’s Journey dispensary, said the herb saved his own son’s life. When Jaydon was diagnosed with epilepsy, only cannabis was able to significantly improve the quality of his life.

Currently, the cannabis market offers several CBD-based kinds of treatment for kids. However, many parents who do not live in medical marijuana states are forced to buy the life-saving medicine for their children from another state or street dealers. Both of these ways remain illegal.

Some states do not allow using cannabis products that contain THC for pediatric treatments. These restrictions can sometimes be problematic for kids who find relief from small levels of THC. At the same time, pharmaceuticals that can cause psychosomatic and other harmful side-effects are commonly prescribed to children for a wide range of conditions.

Cannabis oil is a treatment approach that may help save your child. We hope that this club is the start of cannabis oil being used more widely in both pediatric and therapeutic practices.

Rehab Center to Use Marijuana for Treating Addiction

Rehab Center to Use Marijuana for Treating Addiction

The social stigma on marijuana as a “gateway” drug has already been dispelled by the success of the weed industry and countless reports of patients who improved their condition through marijuana consumption.

Taking these stories into account, a rehab facility is now considering marijuana as a promising option for treating drug addiction.

High Sobriety is a rehab center located in West Los Angeles. It treats people suffering from drug and alcohol dependence. It has recently announced that its patients will be offered a marijuana-inclusive treatment.

Providing the herb to addicts is a new approach to the traditional treatment of dependence. The common practice of rehab centers is complete abstinence from all substances and alcohol, but High Sobriety believes that marijuana will make the addiction treatment more effective.

The rehab center has a goal to reduce the risk of death from drug consumption. Unfortunately, most street drugs like heroin or cocaine have their lethal dose. Alcohol is a “gateway” drug and the most dangerous substance among all known.

In contrast, there is no lethal dose of marijuana for people. During the addiction treatment at High Sobriety, patients will eliminate the use of drugs with a lethal dose and take marijuana, which does not have a fatal dose and leads to a significant improvement of their conditions.

Joe Schrank, the founder of High Sobriety, suffered from drug and alcohol addiction 20 years ago. After his recovery, Schrank created this rehab center to help other people. He also shares his experience of addiction recovery in various television programs and even appeared on TEDx Talk in 2013. While many have been told that marijuana is a “gateway” drug, Schrank believes that the herb is an exit drug.

However, such approach of the rehab center has received shocking feedback from other experts who also treat people with drug dependence. Dr. Howard Samuels expresses his concerns that marijuana use can negatively affect the emotional stability of young users.

In addition, Dr. Lara Ray, a psychology professor at UCLA, states that there is not enough scientific evidence that marijuana can treat drug dependence. Moreover, she is concerned that people who are already susceptible to substance abuse can just replace their addiction with another one—marijuana.

The marijuana industry is a new developing area, so it needs time to prove that the herb is effective in treating addiction. Hopefully, such rehab facilities as High Sobriety will provide evidence demonstrating that marijuana is not a “gateway” drug and can be really helpful for recovering alcoholics and addicts.