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Oregon: Early recreational marijuana sales and marijuana sales tax bills advance

A number of marijuana related bills went forward in Oregon Legislature on ‘Marijuana Legalization Eve’. House Bill of Oregon 2041 moved on a 24-4 vote and would set up a new marijuana fee that grows up to 20% (17% state fee, 3% local fee). Oregon is one of those states that do not have an ordinary statewide sales fee. Usual thing that the phrase ‘sales fee’ is not mentioned in Oregon because it is unwanted in political meaning, but obviously not when speaking about marijuana, according to the actions of Oregon politicians.

Oregon Senate Bill 460 went through in the Oregon Senate on a 23-6 vote. The aim of this bill is to allow marijuana sales in Oregon through marijuana health centers. This bill would give an opportunity to adults over 21 to buy marijuana in flower form up to 7 grams, including clones and seeds. Eatable, concentrate, and any other forms of marijuana would not be authorized for marijuana sales.

Oregon House Bill 3400 passed on a 24-4 vote and it’s a large lesion for the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program. This bill significantly regresses the limits of the Oregon medical marijuana program, such as, referring to Oregon Live:

– Shortening the amount of medical marijuana growers. Growers are not allowed to have more than 96 plants — or 24 when they are located in an urban neighborhood — and a new coming growers will be allowed to grow half of those quantity.

– Marijuana businesses can be suspended on a voting of a county commission or city council in the 15 Oregon counties where part of voters opposed Measure 91 is minimum 55 percent. Rest part of the state voters are obliged to confirm any try to ban such business. Any part of the state that disallows any type of marijuana business has no right to apply a local fee.

– Marijuana products go through verifying procedures with the aim to avoid mold mildew and other contaminants — like a high concentration of pesticides that was found during the investigatio, n under the supervision of The Oregonian/OregonLive.

– Edible marijuana products cannot be produced in a package that is attractive for children.

– Individuals owning or working in the marijuana business are obliged to be a resident of the state for at least for two years. Investors may come from another country.

– Recreational growers will meet stringent “seed to sale” tracking conditions. Individuals who grow medical marijuana are required to do regular reports of their sales and stocktaking balances.

If you think that some of those statements in medical marijuana program are just stupid, you are not alone. They are directed to harm lots of patients, and in what way do they have to get a medicine? Go to the black market or go without medical marijuana at all. Many politicians suggesting to go to the dispensary, but not all of the patients have enough money to go there. That is the main reason why they ask a friend or one of the family members to grow marijuana for them for much less price. The only thing that separates this bill from becoming law is the signature of the Governor which is I think is guaranteed. Unfortunately from all of the Oregon Representatives and Senators, just five of them demonstrated their desire to oppose such innovations to the Oregon Medical marijuana program.

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