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People With High IQ Scores Smoke More Weed

People With High IQ Scores Smoke More Weed

New research conducted by the British Medical Journal showed that people with higher levels of IQ in childhood were more likely to use weed by the age of 30. Scientists tested the IQs of about 8,000 individuals, four times each, between the ages of 5 and 30 and came to the conclusion that the higher the IQ level was, the more likely the participant would consume cannabis in the future.

The British Cohort Study was performed to investigate drug use and its connection to educational and socioeconomic factors. The study showed that IQ was tightly linked to weed use, even more than such factors as family income levels, social position or mental disorders.

The participants underwent an IQ test at the ages 5, 10, 16, and 30. The results showed that women with high IQ levels were twice as likely to use marijuana as those with low scores. Men with high marks were also 50 percent more likely to use weed by the age of 30.

Although numerous studies have suggested that a person’s high IQ scores in childhood and/or adolescence usually lead to a healthy lifestyle in their adult years, other investigations have discovered the relationship between higher childhood IQ scores and alcohol intake in adulthood.

Researchers are still not sure why high IQ levels are linked with weed use, but the authors suppose that intelligent people are just more open to new experiences. They also believe that people with high IQ scores may be more prone to anxiety disorders, which can push them to relieve the condition using cannabis in adulthood. Marijuana use may also be extremely popular among people of high intelligence because the plant is actually not harmful; however, it can easily enhance some mental processes.

James White, the author of the study, was stunned by its results.

The researchers started with the premise that people with lower IQs would be more prone to drug use as it could help them cope with socioeconomic struggles. However, after the study concluded, White stated that it dispelled the theory that the only reason individuals take illegal drugs is to medicate themselves.

Perhaps, higher intelligence is linked with the need to search for new ways to solve problems. If so, let us all agree that the world could use a little bit of cannabis.

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